Scrubs for Soft Summer Skin


During the summertime, one of the easiest ways to refresh your skin is by using scrubs to exfoliate. We have some awesome scrub recipes for you to try that are easy, affordable, and will leave your skin saying "Thank you!"


Why use exfoliating scrubs?


1. Minimize Breakouts & Remove Dead Skin:
During the hot summer months, our skin traps dirt, oil, and is constanly rubbing against our hot sweaty clothes.
Using a scrub once a week or even once a month clears away dead skin and dirt that can clog pores and that feed blemish causing bacteria.

2. Hair Removal is Easier:
After a gentle scrubbing, shaving and waxing are a breeze now that the top layer of dead skin cells has been removed. This helps give your wax and/or razor a clean slate to remove hair; it also prevents ingrown hairs.

3. A Must For Your Summertime Skincare Products:
Whether it's sunblock or moisturizers, using a scrub helps these products penetrate your skin so that they can protect you from the sun and keep your skin hydrated. If you tan, this step is extra important! Scrubbing increases collagen production to combat sun damage, free radicals, and pollution.

4. Get that Glow!
Enough said. Eveybody wants that summer glow and using a scrub helps your skin radiate now that it's clean and even.

Four Ingredient DIY Body Scrubs

[Lavender Love]

Ingredients: Sugar, Coconut Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, & Purple Skin Safe Dye.

Supplies: Small mason jar or plastic container

[Radiant Rose] 

Ingredients: Sugar, Coconut oil, Rose Essential Oil, & Pink Skin Safe Dye.

Supplies: Small mason jar or plastic container

[Srumptious Piña Colada]

Ingredients: Sugar, Coconut oil, Pina Colada Plant-Based Fragrance Oil, & Yellow Skin Safe Dye.

Supplies: Small mason jar or plastic container

[Bergamot Beauty]

Ingredients: Sugar, Coconut oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, & Any Skin Safe Dye.

Supplies: Small mason jar or plastic container


  1. Pour sugar about a little less than halfway up into your container. Be careful not to overfill since we still have other ingredients to add and you need room to stir.
  2. Stir in a tablespoon and a half of coconut oil. You can pre-melt it for a couple seconds in the microwave but using it straight out of the container is fine since it'll melt as you stir it in with the sugar. Add as much or as little oil as you'd like depending on how grainy or creamy you want your scrub.
  3. Pour a couple of drops (3-4 to start) of the essential oil you'll be using and stir. Continue to add more drops depending on how strong you would like the scent of your scrub to be.
  4. End with a couple of drops of the color dye (a little goes a long way) and stir.
  5. Enjoy!

Additional Tips

- Instead of skin safe dye, leave the scrub white and add dried crushed roses (for Radiant Rose), dried coconut (for Scrumptious Piña Colada), or dried crushed lavender (for Lavender Love) to add some color and added texture.

- Ensure that the oil you use is safe to use on your body. Some oils are only meant for diffusers or to be used in warmers and are not suited for use on your skin.