Review: The Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Pallet

If you don’t remember the last time you last cleaned your makeup brushes, it's time…


Does anyone else ever wait till last minute to wash their makeup brushes?

I am so guilty of this, and it is more often than I would like to admit. I honestly do not remember the last time I have washed my brushes… I hope I am not the only one! It is so crucial for us to cleanse our makeup brushes since they can carry bacteria that clogs our pores and leads to breakouts (gross!). Not only that, but when our brushes are not cleaned we are just caking on more foundation into our brushes which make them harder to clean later on. Clean brushes help with the application of our makeup and help hold onto the colors of our eye shadows, blushes, and bronzers. 

RT Brush Cleansing Pallet.png

So with motivation I decided to grab my Real Techniques (RT) Brush Cleansing Pallet that I purchased back in August… It was still in the packaging (haha! Monkey covering eyes emoji). I was super excited to try this out because in the past when I would wash my brushes, I always felt like I needed something more to get an extra deep clean and lets just say I was optimistic that this brush pallet would work.

The RT Brush Cleansing Pallet ($14.99) comes with two samples of their cleansing gel. It smells pretty great and I was able to use that on a few brushes. The deep cleaning gel retails for $8.99, which is not bad at all. I did like the way it cleaned my eye shadow brushes but my foundation brushes were a bit harder to clean with the gel. 


Final Verdict

So the question remains: Did I like the RT Brush Cleansing Pallet? Overall, I did! I found that it made the process of cleaning my brushes easy and helped remove all the oils, makeup, and impurities that were on my brush bristles. I can say that they felt VERY clean afterwards. It's not hard to use and has a handle in the back so you can slip your hand in and hold the pallet in place while you clean your brushes. 

Clean Brush1.png

From the photo above, you can see different size bumps on its surface which help out with the size of the brush you are cleaning. For example, if I have a larger brush I am going to swirl the brush on the larger surface.

Clean Brush3b.jpg
Clean Brush2.png

In the past I have cleaned my brushes with dish soap and olive oil but as I mentioned earlier, felt like I needed a surface to scrub them on. After I was done with the sample packets of cleansing gel, I decided to grab some dish soap and olive oil and was able to deep clean my brushes. I personally felt like it worked wonders! If I ever have a month where I can splurge on a cleanser I would definitely purchase the RT Cleansing Gel but dish soap and olive oil works just as well.

After I was done cleaning all my brushes, I laid them flat on some paper towels to dry but feel free to use one of those fancy brush drying holders as well.

All in all, I am SO happy that I purchased the RT Brush Cleansing Pallet. If you have tried it, comment below and let me know how you liked it! Also let me know some of your favorite ways to clean your brushes!